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by Jocelyne & Joshua Flanigan



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The Butterfly Ball Prom King & Queen Competition is back!! Vote now for your favorite couple and help them earn their crowns!!

The couple with the most votes will be crowned Prom King & Queen during the Butterfly Ball on January 27, 2024! The winning couple will earn an ALL-EXPENSES PAID VACATION to the destination of their choice thanks to our friends at Bursch Travel! 

$1 donated = 1 vote! All proceeds from voting benefit the Olivia Caldwell Foundation for pediatric cancer research and to bring expert pediatric care to Wyoming kids at the Pediatric Specialty Outreach Clinic! All votes/donations are 100% tax deductible! Learn more about our missions by visiting

Voting kicks off on January 08, 2024! Then the field will be narrowed to the TOP FOUR couples on January 17th! All voting will end at 11:59 pm on January 26th!

The 2024 Butterfly Ball Prom King & Queen Competition is brought to you by Summit Electric, Americans For Prosperity - Wyoming, and Northern Lights Energy!

We are Jocelyne and Joshua Flanigan!

Joshua and I have been married for five years now! We both met at BYU-Idaho in 2018 and although I friend zoned him at first we soon fell madly in love and I ended up moving to Casper when I was only suppose to visit for three days! I met his parents one day and the next we were planning on me moving in by the end of the week lol. We both started working at his family business in town called Flanigan’s Furniture before we got married and now that’s his full time gig! Our funniest thing you can catch us saying to each other that many won’t get is us saying “Batman” in random parts of conversation which to us is our code word for “we mean business!” We love adding quirky and fun things into our relationship that brighten up our days and brings us closer together. A funny fact about us is I’m Hispanic and was born 10 minutes from the Mexican border and grew up in the Mexican culture but cant speak any Spanish while my white/Irish born hubby is 100% fluent from living in Mexico for two years.  We also get called the “joshes” or “josh squared (a math reference) as we both grew up being called “Josh.” It was like we were soulmates!!!

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