The S2 Champions!

by S2 Community!

We're supporting: Donate to Sustainable Seattle by Sustainable Seattle

Team captain(s) : Em Piro , Jamilah Williams , Dominick Ojeda

Seattle is a national leader in sustainable urbanism. Our communities support and incubate groundbreaking sustainability policy, activism, and design innovation. Public, private, and nonprofit sectors center around leadership in sustainable practice, helping to build a resilient future. We are a city of game-changers, of movers and shakers, of innovators, and of thought leaders. 

Consider becoming a member of Sustainable today! S2 membership aligns, deepens, and challenges the vibrant conversation on sustainable urbanism in Seattle.

Several community members are fundraising for S2! If you want to help someone reach their goal, contribute to their campaign below. Click "View More Fundraisers" to see everyone who is fundraising for S2. 

If you want to contribute to sustainability, resilience, and justice in Seattle, you've found the right place.

This team represents those committed to the contributions of Sustainable Seattle to the region. We have each been impacted by the work of this organization, and we are dedicated to extending that impact broadly in support of our community, region, and future generations. 

Please join us in supporting Sustainable Seattle in building a more resilient region in which we may all thrive.