Kickin' Up Some Dust!

by Steadfast Steeds Board

We're supporting: Hobby Horse Derby to help mustangs by Steadfast Steeds

Team captain(s) : Blaine Scott



The Board of Steadfast Steeds is excited to join the fun in helping the many mustangs who come to call the Sanctuary home. Some are young orphans, some are elderly, many are adults who need a safe & familiar way of life. Help us help them by creating this cutting-edge Path Ring!!


  The incredible Mustangs who find Sanctuary at Steadfast Steeds Sanctuary need 

   YOUR HELP. Serious drought and wildfires have plagued the Mountain West. 


But there is hope!  A new Path Ring is being built on 15 acres         that will  provide great year-round healthy living environment for the many            wild horses who come through the Sanctuary!                                                  See diagram below.

   Ride in the Derby!    Gates open at 1:30 pm Oct. 20.

    FREE hobby stick horse with your herd's registration of $100

    Limited to only 12 herds of 4 team members each. 

Public invited to cheer you on!

Herd members will ride your team's hobby horse in several timed relay races such as around barrels and pole bending. (more derby details following your registration).  

PRIZES abound for fundraisers, races, and costumes

Your Donations Create the Path Ring

Electric Fence Poly Wire - 6,000 ft.

T-posts & caps - 270

Large Gates - 2

Webbed Slow-Feeder Nets - 16

Rental equipment & Misc. materials 

Volunteer builders - PRICELESS!