Big Hearts Helping Little Hearts

by Team Salvador

We're supporting: Help Fund Life-Saving and Life-Changing Research by Enduring Hearts, Inc.



Enduring Hearts is the only nonprofit solely dedicated to funding innovative research that helps kids living with heart transplants live longer, healthier lives.

Our Story

A successful heart transplant should be the end of the journey. But for a child living with a new heart, it is just the beginning. After all, heart transplants don't last forever, the average only lasts about 17 years. 

Enduring Hearts exists to fund the critical, yet often overlooked research needed to help eliminate rejection, prevent life-threatening complications and reduce the risk that a child will need a second transplant. We fund research for promising new treatments, diagnostic tests, and clinical

procedures that help eliminate rejection and long-term complications.

Our goal is to create a world where every child who needs a new heart is able to get one that lasts a lifetime.

Help support the Enduring Hearts mission by contributing towards life-changing and life-saving research today!

You are a heart hero.

Atlanta-based Enduring Hearts launched in 2013 with a mission to fund research that increases the longevity of pediatric heart transplants, improve the quality of life for children living with a new heart and eliminate pediatric heart diseases that may lead to a transplant.

Thank you for your support!

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, we have both been involved with Enduring Hearts and are working to help children with heart failure have a chance for longer, happier lives.   It is very scary to think that right now, a heart transplant is not a cure, but a bridge to life. 

Our family and friends are coming together to raise $10,000 to support life-saving research. During November Enduring Hearts is trying to raise $200,000 to fund two research studies to help change the outcome for these children. Please help us reach this goal!

We hope that you will support this drive with a tax-deductible donation. 

Your donations go further!  All donations made in November DOUBLED thanks to the support of our amazing Challenge Fund donors!  All donations up to $200,000 will be matched dollar for dollar. 

Thank you in advance for helping to make a transplant last a lifetime!