Help Tom Downey get elected as MCA District 5 Delegate

by Team Tom - District 5: South Eastbridge

We're supporting: Vote for A Change by Rename St*pleton For All

Candidate(s) : Tom Downey


Campaign has ended.


My family moved to the Eastbridge area in 2005. My three daughters, Cate, Ella and Meg went to Westerly Creek Elementary (Meg is still there), McAuliffe and East High School. My wife, Lori Fox, and I were founders of Tent Night and the Arc Park July 4th Parade. Please don’t tell the authorities, but we may be best known for serving hot buttered rum on Halloween night to cold parents. I’ve been on the Westerly Creek Metro District Board for 4 ½ years, including as Chair. WCMD is the resident / taxpayer special district, which raises the taxes to pay for infrastructure. Five of us defeated the Forest City / developer board members, and opened up the years-long secretive process. I’ve been a regulatory lawyer for 25 years, in the private sector and in government, Including under Attorney General Ken Salazar, and running Denver’s licensing department. I took a break from being a lawyer to run the Children’s Museum for almost 5 years. My community work includes formerly chairing the boards of the Colorado Children’s Campaign and the Colorado Nonprofit Association. If elected as an MCA Delegate, my primary focus will be ensuring fair and open processes and true resident decision-making.


Representing a wide range of experience and reasons for running, this slate of eight candidates favor removing from the development, the name that honors former Denver Mayor Benjamin F. Stapleton, a Ku Klux Klan member supported by the hate group in the 1920s. District Delegates meet monthly to advise the MCA Board, to elect new MCA Board members, and to approve or veto the budget. The MCA Board has legal authority to change the community name. Board elections will occur later this year.

These candidates include a high school honor student, a medical researcher, community organizer, lawyer, creative director for a small business, and more. Rename St*pleton for All will be campaigning full force for these candidates because we share the values of a welcoming, inclusive community, and these candidates represent a diversity of age, gender, race and ethnicity.  We are getting back to the book.

Rename St*pleton for All will be conducting a people-to-people, door-to-door, campaign to educate the community about MCA election processes and to prepare them to vote by proxy or in person at the MCA Annual meeting, November 14th at 6:30 pm at The Cube, 8371 Northfield Blvd (E. 49th Ave.).

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