Team Wild Richmond - Let's send Richmond Kids to Summer Camp!

by Team Wild Richmond

We're supporting: Run to Nature by YES Nature to Neighborhoods

Team Captain(s) : Jean Hyams



YES Nature to Neighborhoods is gearing up for our Run to Nature Fund-Racer on February 23rd! In either the 5K, 10K, or Half-Marathon heats, we'll be walking, running, and skipping the Richmond Marina's beautiful San Francisco Bay Trail. Learn more about us at www.yesfamilies.org. 

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2) Join us as a "Fund-Racer" in three quick steps:
 i. Sign up for the race by clicking here, and be sure to join the YES Nature to Neighborhoods Team during your registration process!
 ii. Start your own Fund-Racer page: Click the link and in just a few minutes, you'll have a personalized fundraising page.
 iii. Email your friends, family, and coworkers: Tell them why you're doing this, and ask them to donate to support you! Tips to make this very easy can be found here. We've learned that a group email is the best way to get started, and that follow-up posts on social media are a great way to give updates and to remind your community what you're up to.

Cindy and I know we were privileged to have direct, easy access to nature when we were growing up. For Cindy, that meant Girl Scout camping trips, hanging with the cousins at Camp Dearborn, and pastoral summers near Grass Lake. For me, it was backpacking trips in the Sierras, muddy walks through the Bolinas lagoon, and beachcombing at Stinson Beach. The freedom and joy of being in nature has shaped who we are and we are sure that’s true for you.




Through our connection to YES Nature to Neighborhoods, we have learned a lot about how barriers of poverty, racism and immigration status exclude far too many kids in Richmond from these formative experiences. That's why we are taking part in the Run to Nature Fund-Racer on February 23rd! Will you walk or run with us? (5K, 10K, half-marathon)




And your donations will make a big difference as YES sends kids to week-long summer camps in 2019 and fills their lives with nature all  year round.




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