Fuel Line

by Fuel Line

We're supporting: Pound Out Pediatric Cancer Team Voting - Jan 2019 by Olivia Caldwell Foundation



"Fuel Line," our team name, was chosen because we realize that through us, either premium or low grade fuel is being distributed into the lives of our children, and the world around us. Those fuel choices come in many forms, through the things we eat, the activities we do, and who we surround ourselves with. The source of our fuel doesn't just affect us. What is contained in our tank is dispersed to the people we interact with daily. 

How are you fueling your life and in turn fueling the world?

Please join us and be a part of the "fuel" source for this fight against pediatric cancer. 



"Pound Out Pediatric Cancer" is a Weight Loss Competition with a greater purpose!! The teams competing in this competition would love to have your support as they work hard to lose weight, get healthy, AND help us find a cure for pediatric cancer at the same time!!

You can donate in honor any of the individual participants/teams by clicking on their team photo in the leaderboard. You can choose to donate per pound they lose or in any other way you choose!

The participants are competing for tons of awesome prizes! PLUS all of the money donated goes to the Olivia Caldwell Foundation for pediatric cancer research! And all donations are 100% tax deductible!

Learn more about the Olivia Caldwell Foundation by visiting 

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