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by Chris & Alicia Crispell

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Hello there and thank you for taking the time to hear our story.

My husband and I met 13 years ago.

I moved from West Virginia when I was 15 years old and finished up high school in Douglas, Wyoming. Chris was born and raised in Douglas, Wyoming. While our paths crossed a few times, we officially and briefly met at a Daniels Fund Scholarship meeting in Casper, Wyoming. Chris’s sister and I both were applying for the Daniels Fund Scholarship and he came with her to support her during the process.

Chris was in the military (Army National Guard) and home on leave. He visited the high school in which we both attended but not at the same time. Everyone in Douglas knows who Bev Garls is, just because she is that kind of caring, compassionate woman. Bev was the secretary at Douglas High School for many years and all the kids LOVED her, including Chris and myself. I gave Bev one of my senior pictures and she put it in a little frame on her desk. Chris came home on leave and one of his stops was to always see Bev. He noticed my picture on her desk and asked, “so what is she up to these days.” Her reply “she’s single and attending college in Bozeman, Montana."

After Chris and Bev’s visit, Bev decided to be match maker, although at the time, I had no clue. I received an email from Bev that read something like this: Alicia I was just hoping that you could connect with a former student from Douglas High by just showing him support while he serves our country in Iraq.

Of course, I replied. I love to show support and to someone serving our country, sign me up.

So I emailed Chris with uncertainty of what to actually say other than thank you for your support. Lame right? Well, he replied!!

We chatted via email for quite some time, months actually. Summer came and I packed up and headed home to work at the coal mines to save up for expenses during the college year to come. I did get that scholarship by the way! Full ride to MSU Bozeman! I am so very grateful and appreciative to the Daniels Fund Scholarship Program.

I met up with my sister and headed to Walmart in Casper to grab some things we both needed. While wandering the isles my phone rings. I had no clue who it was and the number was weird but I decided to answer. It was Chris calling on a satellite phone from Iraq. The lag time was about 10 seconds and with this being our first over the phone conversation, the butterflies were stirring and my heart was pounding. You see, in those emails, I developed a crush. I can’t really remember what we even chatted about or rather talked over each other about, but I do remember the gun fire in the background! I asked him if he was safe and he charismatically said, “oh, I’m fine, it’s in the distance.” I felt fear for him. He told me he was coming home and he wanted me to come to his homecoming party.

After my arrival back to Douglas, car packed to the brim as I had to move out of my dorm room, I passed a car that I did not recognize and then my phone rang. It was Chris. He was calling to confirm that his party was that night and that he really wanted me to come. I was hesitant, but he has a charm about him and talked me into it.

He met me outside took my hand and we have been holding hands ever since.

13 years later we have been married for 11 of those and have three beautiful children.

This is us.



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