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by Nick Perkins and McKenna Paulley

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It could’ve been nothing. When he saw her for the very first time, he could have just smiled or nodded politely and walked on and that would have been that. But that’s not what he did. 

“You’re McKenna...right?” he asked. 

She looked up from what she was doing, surprised to hear her name. She made eye contact with this boy who, up until that very moment, she thought was a stranger. 

Suddenly, her face gave way to recognition. 

“Yes,” she replied. “And you’re... Nick?”

“Yeah!” he replied with maybe a bit too much enthusiasm. 

They remembered each other. Years previously, they had briefly spoken via various social mediums. She thought he was fascinating. He thought she was kind. Both thought each other were, like, super good looking. He had a beard and glasses. She had a beautiful smile and ears that she was self conscious about but he fell in love with. They chatted, and flirted and made plans to meet someday, but both became involved with other people. She moved to Florida for school and he began a very long journey of self-discovery that included multiple lessons, heartbreaks and realizations. Truth be told, they had both kind of forgotten about each other. Though they bonded over a shared tragedy (the deaths of his mom and her brother, respectively) both were far too busy with their lives to think about the other. But when she moved back home and he ran into her at her work, he just felt that it was important that he said something. 

So he did. And that’s what started it all. Since that fateful day in February, the two gravitated towards each other. They met for coffee and watched movies and slowly started falling in love with each other. But he was about to spend a month in Paris and wasn’t sure he needed or wanted a reason to come home. 

But he found a reason anyway, and her name was McKenna. The whole time he was away, they pined for each other. They wrote letters and songs and talked non-stop. 

And then he came home and she was waiting and the two let each other in and neither of them wanted back out. Since then, they continued to grow with each other and learn from each other and pray for each other. They fell in love, that’s all. And it all started on a day that could have been any other day. It could have been unmemorable. It could have been nothing. 

But boy, was it something. 

Nick and McKenna 


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