Kestrel Educational Adventures - 2019 Gloucester Pride Stride Team

by Kestrel Educational Adventures

We're supporting: 2019 Gloucester Pride Stride by Gloucester Pride Stride Committee

Team captain(s) : Jessica Kagle



We are all increasingly disconnected from the natural world, and, especially during the school day, many barriers stand in the way of reconnection.

Kestrel is committed to overcoming those barriers and to bringing people to wild spaces to practice inquiry science, have adventures, build community, and develop connections.

Direct experiences in nature and connection to nearby wild places are known to improve emotional health, social bonds, and interest in learning. Learning in the wild, when based on imagination, curiosity, and adventure, have been shown to lead to deeper understanding of academic subjects and greater concern for our natural world.

Our staff are a deeply thoughtful and committed group of naturalist educators. We have a great passion for land, for every living thing, and for teaching. We prioritize reaching every one of our students, tailoring all our teaching to their abilities and interests, and providing fee reductions and waivers to all those in need. 

Serving primarily Cape Ann and the North Shore, Kestrel is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization inspiring a sense of wonder, understanding, and connection to the natural world through playful, outdoor, scientific inquiry. We teach field science programs for school groups, offer afterschool programs, summer adventures in survival and nature awareness, and loan out field equipment and guides to educators and other community members. 

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