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Help us reach our classroom fundraising goal!

by Team Young - 5

We're supporting: 2019 Pumpkin Run by Nordstrom Home & School Club



Welcome to the 2019 Pumpkin Run!

The Pumpkin Run is a school-wide fitness & fundraising activity hosted by the Nordstrom Home & School Club. This year our students will have the opportunity to run on our obstacle course testing their grit, agility, and stamina!

So let's get started!  First things first, you MUST join your teacher's team and create your student's personal fundraising page...

STEP 1) Click on the "Join Your Teacher Team" button

 A sign up page will appear.  Under the "Sign Up with Email" section, enter in your student's first and last name.  For email address, enter in the parent/guardian email address.  Then click the "Sign Up" button.

STEP 2) Congratulations!  You've just created your student's personal fundraising page!  

Customize your page to include a title and a personal note, and most importantly set your personal fundraising goal to $125!  Look for the social media icon bar to the left of your page, and share your personal page with family and friends.  Want to email them instead?  Click on the social media icon that looks like 2 chained links, and click the "Copy" button.  Paste this link in your email and you're off and running!

STEP 3) Join your Teacher Team

Towards the bottom of your student's fundraising page, click the "Join a Team" image and select your teacher from the drop down menu.  Click the "Join Team" button and your Team Teacher should now be displayed on your student's page. Don't forget to do the "I'm not a Robot" task before clicking the "Get Started" button.  You'll now receive a "Thank You" email!   

STEP 4) Make your Pumpkin Run pledge/donation*

In your "Thank You" email click on the "Make a donation" button.  Select the amount you would like to donate and press the "Add to Cart" button. After entering your payment information, fill out the "Select Student Name" drop down menu box located at the bottom.  MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS STEP!  Selecting your student name here will ensure every dollar pledged/donated is tracked and reflected on your student's fundraising page.

*For Benevity and other corporate matching donations (since these will bypass our flipcause website), please forward your emailed confirmation receipts to Gina Shenoy at  Be sure to include your student's name and teacher in your email.  We will make sure your donation and match is tracked to your student and classroom.    

STEP 5) Purchase your 2019 Pumpkin Run t-shirt

Order forms will be available (make checks payable to Nordstrom H&SC) or shirts can be purchased directly from our pop up shop (exact dates to come).  These limited edition t-shirts will sell out fast, so get yours today to wear for the run! 


The personal fundraising goal for each student is $125.  For every $50 a student raises, they will be entered into their grade level raffle for some fantastic prizes.  The raffle prizes for TK/K are plasma cars, 1st-2nd grade are EZ roller scooters, and 3rd-5th grade are fit bit watches.  One raffle prize winner per grade level.  Increase your chances with every $50 donated!

Classrooms that reach their midway goal will receive extra recess. Classrooms that reach their final goal, each student will receive a Nordstrom sports water bottle and a homework pass.  The 2 overall highest classes that raise the most money will be rewarded with a Pizza Party!

Volunteers and Donations 

Our annual Pumpkin Run is a huge undertaking that requires many volunteers and donations.  We are looking for day of event volunteers to line our obstacle courses to cheer and/or assist our runners along.  We're also in need of snack donations for our runners after they complete the course.  If you can help by donating your time and/or with snacks, please click here to sign up: PR Volunteer Sign Up List .  Thank you!

Our classroom has an overall goal of $1,740 or $60 per student. With your unbelievable help and generosity, we can do it!

How would you like to support?