Michelle Beer

by Michelle Beer

We're supporting: Texas MOVES! by Texas AHPERD

Texas MOVES! is a collaborative partnership between TAHPERD and all local educators and administrators to encourage and promote movement in the community, support local non-profit organizations whose goals align with TAHPERD’s mission, and benefit local and state educational programs.

Participate in TAHPERD's very first fundraiser! All K-12 schools, as well as college and universities in Texas, are eligible to participate in the Texas MOVES! fundraiser. Let us help you create a fundraising page and start your Texas MOVES! fundraising campaign. The Texas MOVES! Toolkit will assist you to raise money from parents and the surrounding community. 

Why Texas MOVES!?

       Over 40 choices of charitable organizations to support

       Flexibility in the choice of activity you choose to do

Of the funds raised.........    

       50% will be sent directly to the organization you have chosen to support

       25% will be sent directly back to your school (to be used by PE teacher for equipment, etc)

       22% will be sent directly to TAHPERD (the Texas AHPERD)

       3% will be sent to SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators)

Please visit the Texas MOVES! Resource Library for the toolkit and additional documentation.

How would you like to support?