Tinkerbell's Bunny Money

by Team Tinkerbell

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Bunny Besties misson is to provide standardized high-quality Animal Assisted Interactions ("animal therapy") with rabbits to support the emotional wellness of our community, with an emphasis on serving children, adolescents, and young adults as well as those facing challenging life transitions.


Bunny Besties was co-founded by a woman and her son.  They were working at Nursing homes and People Serving People Homeless shelter when a call came from the newly formed Pet Away Worry and Stress program at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus.  The Director of the PAWS program had a recommendation of these two and  wanted them to bring bunnies to the UMN PAWS.  They began in September 2014 and have never looked back.  The first three rabbits were such a huge hit with students that additional volunteers and rabbits soon joined the effort.  Bunny Besties soon established itself as a 501 c 3 non-profit organization in 2017.


With a current team of 28 volunteers and 19 rabbits.  Bunny Besties continues to contribute to the PAWS program as well as provide rabbit interactions to homeless shelters, hospice, schools, and library reading programs.  We have participated in over 550 events with a total of over 23,000 attendees, mostly children and young adults.  Bunny Besties was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Gold Level) in 2018 and 2019.


We need to raise $15,000 of "Bunny Money" to support our 2020 programs.  Bunny Besties recruits rescue rabbits, puts them through school, and provides them with a lifelong home, specialized veterinary care, high quality nutrition, and most of all, the chance to provide and receive love from those going through stressful life transitions.  Bunny Besties receives some income through service provision but is primarily dependent on philanthropy to meet our costs.

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Hi, I am Tinkerbell, a Bunny Besties rabbit.  My bondmate is Peter Pan and we would love your support.  Frankly, we need some "Bunny Money" to support our continued participation in Bunny Besties programs in 2020.  Erika has hopped on as my team captain and is helping me raise $4000 towards Bunny Besties Fundraising goal of $15,000.  You can click on Erika's picture below to find out more.  Then scroll down even more to learn about how our Bunny Besties fluffle is helping people cope with stress.  I hope that you will consider Bunny Besties as part of your giving plan for this year.

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