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For the past 28 years the Community Development Partnership (CDP) has led the Lower Cape in building a diverse year-round community of people who can afford to live, work and thrive here.  A vibrant and diverse community provides housing that is affordable creates opportunities for small businesses to flourish.

Our housing related efforts include providing 100 units of affordable and community housing, advocating for more housing through the Lower Cape Housing Institute and Advocacy Program; rehabilitating homes owned by low-income residents through the Housing Rehabilitation Program.

We nurture the launch and growth of small businesses through our micro-loan program, providing technical assistance, and offering small business workshops. 

In all that we do, we facilitate collaboration with businesses, non-profit and government partners and advocate on both the local and state levels for policies that support small businesses and affordable housing.

The economic crisis precipitated by the COVID19 pandemic has devastated our local business community.  The CDP has responded by expanding its small business support.  Initially focused on helping businesses navigate the federal assistance programs  programs, we are now helping businesses adjust their business models as they try to re-open and plan for the next 18 months.  Recognizing the financial strain on businesses and the need for programs that work for small and  seasonal businesses, we have convened small businesses in robust advocacy efforts calling upon the State Government leaders to fund  a small business recovery program.

Our response to the pandemic reflects our history. For 28 years the CDP has continued to adapt to the ever-shifting economic and demographic landscape of our area while maintaining our commitment to strengthening and expanding the building blocks of a vibrant community through the support of housing and economic initiatives.