Unite to Light Ghana

by Unite to Light Ghana




You can recruit and create your own team and fundraise for your own cause or project, or you can choose one of our major projects to direct your funds to.

Rest assured every dollar you send in goes to help someone out of darkness.

A partnership between Newton South High School in Massachusetts and Tema International School in Ghana brings lights and builds bonds across the globe. Students travel between the schools for an exchange program—high school students from Greater Accra sharing spaces and ideas with students from Newton. United not just in learning, but in light.

Both groups of students are raising funds to bring Luke Lights and Solar Chargers to help children in Ghana who are less fortunate than they. Students will hand-distribute lights in villages on the outskirts of Accra, while also bringing food and provisions these children so desperately need. 

Since 2.4 million people in Ghana live on less than $1 per day the students have set a huge goal of distributing 10,000 lights. They are UNITED TO LIGHT GHANA. You can pitch in by donating to this team or becoming a fundraiser WITH this team! 


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