Team Julianna Spin 4 Kids Fundraiser

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We're supporting: 1st Annual Peloton Spin 4 Kids Fundraiser by Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer

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Welcome to the Team Julianna Spin 4 Kids fundraising page!  We hope that you'll consider making a donation towards Team Julianna or even creating your own fundraising page to help us reach our team goal as well as to honor the fight of Julianna Edel (Forever 12) who battled ewings sarcoma, tumors that form in the cavity of the bone. Spin for Team Julianna and Spin 4 Kids.

About Julianna

Julianna was a very thoughtful, curious, and talented 12-year-old with an old soul.  She loved to write poetry, solve puzzles,  or learn to play a challenging new song on her violin.  She was full of creative ideas, and her infectious enthusiasm often inspired others around her to join in some project or another.  She could devise new and inventive games to play, or new rules for existing games.  


Julianna was fun.  Funny.  And witty.   She was known to sing and speak in Pig Latin for hours at a time.  She changed the lyrics of popular songs, often with hilarious results.  One day when bored, she made a list of 60 "Things to Do When Bored", which included riding down the stairs on a blanket, exploring the basement, and writing a summer bucket list of places to visit.


Julianna was accepting, kind, and brave.  She was someone who wanted all to feel included.  She was sure to befriend and invite classmates who had been excluded by others.  There was a calm and patience about Julianna that helped her connect with everyone from young children (like Natalie Gorsegner, who was 3 when they met in the clinic at Hackensack) to her peers, to adults who were often surprised by this unusual, serene young lady.  


When Julianna learned that she was too ill to do the Make-a-Wish that was originally planned, she was asked for ideas of what to do instead.  She did not hesitate to answer:  she wanted a mural at Hackensack for other children with cancer to enjoy.  Julianna could have asked for any number of things for herself, but instead she requested something she would never see but would exist for others.  She had specific ideas for the mural, and met with a muralist in the last weeks of her life.  That mural is now on the walls of the outpatient pediatric oncology clinic at Hackensack.

About Infinite Love

Infinite Love is a 100% volunteer-run 501c3 nonprofit foundation with the dual missions of 1) funding new pediatric cancer research (click here for an itemized list of what we've already funded), and 2) providing financial and emotional support to families currently fighting childhood cancer.  Because there are no Infinite Love salaries, everything that you give goes entirely to our cause!  Thanks to generous supporters like you, since 2013 we have funded over $1 million in research grants to some of our country's leading research hospitals and facilities and we've written thousands of dollars of support checks to childhood cancer families, given backyard makeovers, sent kids to sports events, built dream tree houses and we’ve unfortunately even covered the expenses for memorials (click here to read reviews about Infinite Love).


Please note that this Team Julianna page is raising funds for Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer where 100% of the proceeds will be used to fund research and to help families affected by childhood cancer.  This fundraising page is not raising funds for Julianna's family directly.

Click here to learn more about Julianna via her Facebook page 

Love, Hope, Faith & Prayers for Julianna.