Prior to Show Date

Volunteer Coordinator

Time involved: varies over the course of apprx. 6 months.  More once we get closer to showtime  

  • Help to Identify and secure all volunteers. 
  • Oversee all of the volunteer groups listed below to make sure tasks are moving in a timely manner
  • Trouble-shoot any challenges 

1 Available
Max Quantity:1

Publicity / Marketing

Time involved: varies over the course of apprx 6 months.  More once we get closer to showtime (Send photo of the business, include their logo, and at least one employee to social media volunteer)

  •  Distribute flyers and posters throughout the community.
  •  Acknowledge anyone promoting the show via photos to post on social media.
  • Arrange radio PSAs 
  • Attend any appropriate community event to inform the public about the show

2 Available
Max Quantity:2

Donations / Sponsors

Time involved: As necessary.  All donations need to be in before Nov 1st.

  • Identify and secure all In-Kind Donations and Sponsors
  • Communicate effectively and in a timely manner
  • Work closely with Nicole Robinson (Donor Relations) and Juliee Sparks (Show Treasurer)

5 Available
Max Quantity:5

Cast / Crew / Volunteer Appreciation Party

Time involved: Flexible.  Needs to take place anytime between Aug – Nov

  • Identify a local restaurant  to Host this OR a local resident at their home
  • This does not need to be elaborate.  A simple appetizer/beverage setting is perfect.  
  • 60min max for this party
  • Will provide free publicity for the Host Site

1 Available
Max Quantity:1

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