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Co-Director Interest Application
Co-Director Interest Application

 Director of Fundraising & Marketing: 10-15 hours per week at $35/hour 

Fundraising / Marketing / Advocacy (50%)


  • Communicate regularly and in culturally relevant/appropriate ways with the diverse current and potential Roots of Justice stakeholders to introduce them to and keep them informed about the organization’s mission and services.

  • Collaborate with co-director on the development and execution of social media strategy as well as face-to-face promotion.


  • Develop, manage and contribute to execution of fundraising appeals and donor relation management.

  • Use all available/appropriate/relevant communication pipelines to market Roots of Justice programs to existing and new client bases.


  • Develop, manage and contribute to execution of grant applications.

  • Work with the Council to secure adequate funding for the operation of the organization.

  • Develop and maintain the website in collaboration with the co-director. 

  • Additional duties and responsibilities. 

Roots of Justice, Inc., seeks a part-time Director of Fundraising & Marketing to fulfill the mission to provide anti-oppression training, resources, and organizing to various organizations nation-wide. This part-time position will work in conjunction with the Director of Operations & Management, Accountability Council (Board), and Training Team. 

About Roots of Justice

Incorporated in 2012, Roots of Justice (“ROJ”) was founded to carry on the work begun in the Damascus Road Anti-racism Process (“DR”) of Mennonite Central Committee US. The DR Training Team initiated the creation of ROJ and remains a driving force as committed independent contractors, along with the Accountability Council (board of directors). Information about ROJ and its offerings are available at its website,

Position Description

Since its inception, ROJ has been staffed by a part-time Executive Director. Moving forward Roots of Justice will be led by two Co-Directors, the strong but collaborative executive leadership is essential to move the organization forward. 

Key tasks will include:

  • Establishing a viable income stream through fundraising and promotion of revenue-generating programs.

  • Managing donor relations and communication. 

  • Securing adequate funding and grants for the operation of the organization.

ROJ is incorporated in Oklahoma, but there are no requirements for the location of the part-time director. The current Executive Director, Council members, Trainers, and programs are scattered around the country.

The budget of the organization can only allow for hiring a part-time (10 -15 hours per week at $35/hr) independent contractor at this time. With success in marketing and fundraising, hours and benefits will increase. 


  • A strong commitment to undoing racism, sexism, heterosexism and other forms of oppression, including intersectional and anti-oppression analysis.

  • Training and/or working experience related to undoing oppression.

  • A knowledge and understanding of nonprofit and voluntary organizational leadership and management principles.

  • Effective leadership, communication and project management skills for collaborating with a diverse team.

  • Ability to prioritize essential tasks to complete in 10 hours per week.

  • Experience working with donors and grant writing. 

  • Experience with social media marketing is preferred 

  • Previous experience starting or providing management-level oversight of a nonprofit or grassroots organization is preferred.

  • Proficiency with Google Apps and other networking platforms.

Download: Co-Director Job Description

Co-Director Job Description


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