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Greening 2022-Gardens and Farms With A Purpose!
Greening 2022-Gardens and Farms With A Purpose!


9:00AM PST


11:00AM PST

LA Rooftop Garden Near USC 1077 W 38th St. 5th Fl Rooftop
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Come out on the last Saturdays of every month and volunteer with us,

Our climate change, environmental justice and greening LA  volunteer opportunities support a much bigger cause. Greening with a purpose! Our volunteers have fun while they plant, transplant or sow seeds and or seedlings. We also water, prune, harvest, organize flowers, treat vegetation, beautify and organize the green space.  

All volunteers must complete and sign the volunteer waiver form attached to this registration for volunteering.

Volunteers make our LA green spaces are as beautiful as they can be, while giving back through their time.

Things to bring/wear:




Sunglasses (if you have them)

Light colored clothes when hot



Great Vibes Only?

COVID-19 safety guidelines:

  • If your'e sick, stay home and or get tested. 
  • We don' require COVID-19 tests at this time, but please test regularly to stay healthy and safe. 
  • If show symptoms or signs such as coughing, sneezing, nauseous, and or have a fever we may ask you to leave for the safety of all of our volunteers or staff. 
  • Masks are not required outdoors but keep one handy for yourself as good covid hygiene and habit tips. (We also try to keep them handy for volunteers).
We look forward to seeing you all,


  • 2 Hours Per Shift

    Ending 12-18-2022 @ 12 am EST
Download: Volunteer Waiver Form

All volunteers must download and sign waiver forms to volunteer with us.


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