HEBREW SEFER By Rabbi Yaron Reuven (20 COPIES)

Rabbi Yaron Reuven's First HEBREW Book Has Hit The World Like A Holy Storm.  15,000 Copies Printed.  First 4000 Copies Flew Off Out of The Warehouse In Israel In First Week and 1,000 Copies in the United States.  10,000 MORE COPIES PRINTED, With 4000 in the United States.  Amazing Feedback From Religious & Secular Jews, As well As Serious Talmidei Chachamim Who Absolutely Loved The Chizuk.  Has Beautiful Haskamot by The Chief Sephardic Rabbi, HaRav Yitzchak Yosef, Chief Dayan Rav Yaakov Zamir, Av Beit Din HaRav Eliyahu Ben Haim, Dayan HaRav Gideon Ben Moshe, Dayan Rav Yosef Chaim Mizrachi, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, Rabbi Chaim Kachlon, Rav Reuven Zakaim, Rabbi Yosef Abadi, Rabbi Shlomo BarKochba.  20 COPIES PER HOUSEHOLD So We Can Reach More Communities.  

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