You will be helping the POOF team distribute toys to 1100 kids who have registered to receive toys!

Please wear your red POOF shirt or a red or white shirt, pants, & close-toed shoes. Make sure you're comfortable because you will be on your feet.

You will be the POOF Elves & we will be providing some elf accessories for you to wear. Anything for the kids, right? :)

If you can't stay for the whole shift just let us know. We'd still love to have you!

10 AM - 2 PM

Event Set Up Only

6 Available
Max Quantity:6

2 PM - 6 PM

Event Set Up & 1st Half of Toy Giveaway

All Reserved

6 PM - 10 PM

2nd Half of Toy Giveaway & Event Clean Up

4 Available
Max Quantity:4

Download: Volunteer Forms (3 pages)

Please print & sign if you are able. We will have copies on site as well.