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General Responsibilities

A Board Member is a voting board member required to attend board meetings, social functions, and fundraising events. They may lead or work with a committee. General responsibilities to fulfill these duties include the following:

• Be oriented to Cultivating Families’ mission, fundamental belief, policies, and programs.

• Be an ambassador and spread the word about Cultivating Families among your circle of influence.

• Keep up to date with developments in Cultivating Families’ responsibilities.

• Abide with the organization’s rules and regulations regarding confidentiality and conflict of interest.

Time Commitment

Cultivating Families Board of Directors will meet monthly. During months that the Board does not meet in person, BOD members are to meet by phone or video conference. We will meet in-person twice per year in December and June. Monthly Meetings: January, February, March, April, May, July (No Meeting), August, September, October, November.


The Board Member is accountable to the Board Chair.

Specific Duties

• Review meeting supporting materials and agendas prior to board meetings.

• Offer names of nominees with great potential to contribute to the board.

• Assist the board in examining Cultivating Families’ financial statements and executing its fiduciary responsibilities.

• Complete and submit a BOD Yearly Budget Pledge Form regarding a financial contribution to Cultivating Families in an amount that is significant to you.

• Complete and submit a BOD Yearly Personal Agreement.

• Review and sign the Conflict-of-Interest Policy, annually.

• Complete and submit a BOD Self-Assessment Form, semi-annually.

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