On Site Registration Check-In Agent
On Site Registration Check-In Agent

Saturday 09/24/2022

6:30AM CST


9:00AM CST

Montgomery Union Station Train Shed 300 Water Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Volunteers are the backbone of any successful fundraising activity because they not only inspire others, but help to assure the largest amount of event proceeds can go directly to the services so many could not live without. THANK YOU for your interest in volunteering to make this year's Tread Red Walk and Fun Run a success.

Role Duties:

The registration process is 50% efficiency and 50% people skills. Computer skills are a must as onsite check-in may require the processing of credit cards through MAO’s Flipcause System. A pre-event orientation and training session will be scheduled. The role requires adherence to process, and will involve you to:

Greet the participant or team leader, and welcome them to the Tread Red Walk & Fun Run. THANK THEM for coming out and showing their support.

Ask them if they are registering as an individual (s) or as a Team?

Provide the individual with a manual registration form. For teams, all participants must be listed with at least an e-mail address.

Ask them how they would like to pay their registration fee (s) and if they have other funds they need to turn in that were collected off line. All checks should be made payable to Medical Advocacy and Outreach or MAO.

If they have money to turn in, have them place it in an envelope (provided) and fill out the necessary information associated with each donation enclosed. Ask them to write the total of the funds enclosed on the outside of the envelope. 

Staple their registration form to the collection envelope and place the envelope in the collected funds box. (The collected funds box should never be left unsupervised.) 

If credit cards are presented, follow the directions (provided during orientation for entry and processing through Flipcause). All receipts will be sent via e-mail. Make a note on the funds collected folder for funds collected via credit card (Name and amount).

Provide the individual with a route map/event agenda.

Thank them for their support and tell them to enjoy the day. Encourage them to meet and mingle with the exhibitors and vendors while waiting for the event to begin.


Since you are NOT an employee of MAO, you will be required to complete and sign a copy of the Volunteer Application for Tread Red. The application includes waivers of a legal nature intended to protect you, MAO, and the direct beneficiaries of our services who may also be participating in Tread Red.

  • 3 Hours Per Shift
    2 Available

    Ending 08-31-2022 @ 11 pm EST
Download: Volunteer Application and Waiver Form

All volunteers supporting MAO's Tread Red Walk and Fun Run event must complete and return a signed copy of the Volunteer Application.


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