Volunteer Check-in

Saturday 09/24/2022

6:00AM CST


11:00AM CST

Montgomery Union Station Train Shed 300 Water Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Volunteers are the backbone of any successful fundraising activity because they not only inspire others, but help to assure the largest amount of event proceeds can go directly to the services so many could not live without. THANK YOU for your interest in volunteering to make this year's Tread Red Walk and Fun Run a success.

Role Duties:

This is every volunteer’s first impression of the day! The role requires an outgoing personality, the ability to move people through a check list of items, and confirm their understanding. This involves welcoming volunteers as they report to pick-up their volunteer t-shirt and receive detailed instructions for successfully delivering on their role (s) before reporting to their assigned area. This involves…

Greeting each volunteer and introducing yourself.

Asking them for their name and finding it on the volunteer check-in list.

Providing them with their t-shirt (which identifies them as a volunteer).

Quickly familiarizing them to the event environment; so, they in turn, can answer basic questions of general interest, i.e., locations of restrooms, Walk/Run route, basic planned schedule of activities.

Send them to their designated area with instructions for her/his assigned role (s).

Make sure all volunteers sign out before they leave. 


Since you are NOT an employee of MAO, you will be required to complete and sign a copy of the Volunteer Application for Tread Red. The application includes waivers of a legal nature intended to protect you, MAO, and the direct beneficiaries of our services who may also be participating in Tread Red.

  • 5 Hours Per Shift
    4 Available

    Ending 08-31-2022 @ 11 pm EST
Download: Volunteer Application and Waiver Form

All volunteers supporting MAO's Tread Red Walk and Fun Run event must complete and return a signed copy of the Volunteer Application.


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