Volunteer - Skilled

Volunteer one or more days during camp to share your expertise and skills with the students. Proficiency in one (or more) of the following skills are needed: safety, blueprint reading, drafting/design (Mon), carpentry, roofing (Tues), electrical (Wed), plumbing and piping (Thurs), large equipment handling (Fri), careers (all).  

Monday skilled

Help with safety, blueprint reading, drafting & design skills

Max Quantity:2

Tuesday - skilled

Help with woodworking, carpentry and roofing skills.

Max Quantity:2

Wednesday - skilled

Help with electrical and drywall skills.

Max Quantity:2

Thursday - skilled

Help with plumbing and piping skills.

Max Quantity:2

Friday - Skilled

Help with heavy equipment demonstration, equipment rodeo and/or career paths.

Max Quantity:2

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