Volunteer to be a Box Buddy
Volunteer to be a Box Buddy

A Box Buddy Volunteer agrees to stock-a-box on behalf of a Box Buddy donor unable to do so. Maybe it's distance, maybe it's time, maybe they're just not great with finding matter the reason, a Box Buddy Volunteer has time to spare and a thrify disposition!

Once a month we'll email our Box Buddy Volunteers the number 'box stocking grants' available. These will be assigned on a first response/first available basis - so keep your eye on your email!

Once you volunteer to stock a box with a grant, we ask you to do your best to get the most bang for the buck - shopping sales, coupons and other tricks of the shoppers trade! When done, stock any box you wish and take a photo. Then take a photo of your receipt! Email both to the Village admin & you'll be reimbursed promptly, up to the value of the 'box stocking grant'.

Bonus points if you post a picture of your haul to the Facebook group!

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