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In order to be eligible for registration, supplies and cash prizes you must:  
  • Be a Tennessee Resident
  • Keep track of the food waste amounts you divert (in gallons or pounds). This amount does not need to be exact. It can be estimated.
  • Report that amount consistently by filling out our submission survey (takes about 30 seconds) with your Composter ID (the email you sign up with). Although we will remind you to submit monthly, we want you to get in a submittal routine that works for you -- You can submit your totals every time you go down to the compost pile, weekly or monthly.

After completing this registration, read through your confirmation email for more information on how start composting, how to order supplies and how to win the "Composter of the Season" $50 award!

Download: How-To-Compost Guide

Print out what to compost, how to compost & directions on reporting totals for this campaign!


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