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Freeport Riverfront Cleanup 9.8.22
Freeport Riverfront Cleanup 9.8.22

Thursday 09/08/2022

5:00PM EDT


8:00PM EDT

Riverside Park Freeport Riverside Park
499-473 Riverside Dr, Freeport, PA 16229

The Allegheny River is our River of Focus for 2022! Join us in Freeport to kick off our Allegheny River Cleanup Series!

What will we be doing? 

Volunteers will meet at Freeport Riverside Park where we will go over safety, our work plan for the day, and then we will be off to collect trash from land and water via our work boat! 

What do I wear? 

Clothes: Please wear clothes that you are comfortable with potentially getting muddy/wet. Volunteers are required to wear long pants. We also recommend bringing long-sleeve shirt to avoid being scratched or coming in contact with poison ivy and sun. It is also suggested to bring a change of clothes in case you have a bit too much fun pulling a muddy tire. 

Footwear: Closed-toe shoes are required. We recommend rubber boots or waterproof boots.  

What do I bring? 

Please be sure to bring your reusable water bottle!  

All volunteers will be provided with work gloves, life jackets, safety glasses, and tools. We will also have all necessary safety equipment available such as first aid, sunscreen, bug spray, and refreshments. 


Please send any questions or comments to [email protected]!  See you on the water!