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Lots of opportunities for a flexible person. From handy work and toy making to bird training to maintenance we've got it all...if you care about handicapped, distressed, or needy parrots.

We are a small sanctuary located in Fallbrook in North San Diego County. Our maximum number of feathered residents is just thirteen so we focus on permanent care for the most needy.

The Chloe Sanctuary uses proven methods to help physically and emotionally damaged parrots and cockatoos heal, providing them sanctuary for life in an environment tailored to their needs. Our executive director is a graduate of Dr. Susan Friedman's LLA professional course in Applied Behavior Analysis for psittacines and doing ongoing study with Dr. Jenifer Zeligs. If you want to learn how to train there is no better way than in a small local sanctuary with a trained professional.

With recent estimates of up to 60 million captive psittacines-the larger species living up to 80 years-the need to train caretakers and inform the public is daunting. The average person bringing home a parrot does not realize that these creatures are like a two-year-old with a pair of pliers and a foghorn. Seeing education as the key to protecting these unique creatures, we use educational video productions to inform the public about these exceptional wild animals.


We produce two approximately one hour long videos each month.You can get involved, too! We use Final Cut X and a four camera multicam setup so its an upscale production.


Download: True Nature of Parrots and the 10 Reasons

Essential reading for volunteers


Download: Helping the Suffering

Our article on what's happening with parrots and people in our world.


Download: Parrots in Temporary Shelters

Written by Dr. Susan Friedman, this article will give you an overview of what we do.