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Live Stake Planting
Live Stake Planting

Thursday 12/16/2021

9:00AM CST


12:00PM CST

Hood Court 2264 Hayward Lane
Spring Hill, TN 37174

What:  Help TEC improve Grassy Branch Creek by planting live stakes along the streambank.  

Where:  This event will take place in Grassy Branch Creek near the Peter Jenkins Walking Trail in  Spring Hill, TN. Volunteers can use the address above to take them to the trailhead at Hood Ct. where our manager of field operations Jordan Young will meet you.   

Why: In our continued effort to reduce bank erosion we will be planting 1,000 live stakes along 600ft. of Grassy Branch Creek. Live stakes are sections of branches taken from established trees that can be planted directly into moist soil. Once established, these cuttings will help stabilize the bank and reduce erosion by using their root system to hold the soil in place as well as provide vegetative cover and habitat for wildlife.  

What to bring: This event requires participants to be in the creek. Waders and all necessary tools will be provided by TEC. It is recommended that participants wear warm clothes, bring something to drink and a change of clothes just in case.