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Kitty Playmate
Kitty Playmate

CCAS Holmes Gulch Rd
Bailey, CO 80421

The ideal kitty playmate knows just how to engage the cats in active play, and help them wind down when it is time to rest. 

Cats living in groups experience a lot of stress. They do not normally live in groups, so the forced closeness can be uncomfortable. Additionally, some may not get along or play well with others. 

In those cases, they need help with stress relief. This includes exercise, enrichment, and relaxation. 

Kitty playmates come to play/work with a specific cat or with several of them individually and/or in a group. The cats need much more attention than the caregivers can offer. 

Kitty playmates need to be uber-responsible and capable of working with the cats without a lot of supervision once they are trained and comfortable. 

Those who prove to be trustworthy may take a cat out on a leash or for a stroller ride, and play with them in the catio on warm days. 

Does this sound like you? If you are interested, email LuAnn at [email protected] to request an interview.