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Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator


This position focuses on screening volunteers for best fit in various positions in the organization, attending recruiting events, volunteer query handling, data entry, volunteer training and analyzing & maintenance of volunteer satisfaction within the organization.

Time Commitment 

  • Manage online volunteer applications, data entry and follow-up emails (3 hours week)
  • Attend community events whenever possible (1 happy hour per month, plus 3-6 events per year)
  • Conduct phone interviews, screen applicants, schedule training & assign to a job

Duties of the Position:

(Primary Duties):

  • Attend recruiting events to share story and talk with potential volunteers & families.
  • Manage online applications and reach out to volunteers & follow up with interested volunteers until they are inactive or plugged in. 
  • Conduct phone interviews and screen volunteers to help them find their best fit in the organization.
  • Conduct volunteer coordinator trainings
  • Connect volunteers to the appropriate team leaders once they are interviewed.
  • Follow-up with volunteers after first task to see if they are satisfied. 
  • Know where organization has needs for volunteers & don’t be afraid to say no to a position that will not fit the volunteer’s skills, personality, or commitment. 

(Secondary Duties):

  • Collaborate with marketing and other teams to brainstorm better recruiting.
  • Conduct Surveys or implement other ways to gauge satisfaction. 
  • Set Expectations/procedures to share with volunteers

Requirements of the Position:

  • Should be at least 18 years of age and live in Hoboken or the surrounding area.
  • Should be able to commit for minimum of 4 months to the position.
  • Comfortable talking to strangers unsolicited to share the story.
  • Good listener and judgment of personality to help find best fit. 
  • Responsive via email.
  • Enjoys thinking outside the box for recruitment
  • Enjoys people. 
  • Knowledge of Salesforce to organize new volunteers and knowledge of System to track volunteer engagement
  • Give volunteers meaning to their time, share with them the impact they could have. 

Growth in the Organization:

  Smooth transition of volunteers from inquiry to volunteering, increased volunteer satisfaction, and performing duties will indicate the volunteer's outstanding abilities and thus he/she may be given more responsibilities and a suitable position depending on organizations needs and desire of volunteer.