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Match Support Director
Match Support Director


Position Overview:

This position focuses on creating and maintaining healthy relationships between mentors, mentees and mentee’s family, establishing cross relationships among mentors, and supporting the matches through any difficulties. This is a leadership position that focuses on leading the relationship managers. 

Time Commitment:
  • Monthly surveys sent out and results shared with the team (1.5 hours per month)
  • Help facilitate the coordination of match meetings (1.5 hours per month)
  • Lead monthly team meetings (1.5 hours per month)

Duties of the Position:

(Primary Duties):

  • Lead team meetings amongst Relationship managers to help facilitate collaboration among managers, establish a supportive environment, provide accountability for match support, and brainstorm solutions together. Will need to set agenda, establish focus of meetings, remind team, and lead meeting.
  • Coordinate with the Matching Team Director to establish what matches are coming up each month and which relationship manager will be assigned to each new match. Help relationship managers schedule their match meetings. 
  • Send out monthly survey using Mailchimp template to all mentors and send out reminder to mentors who did not complete it after one week. Send all relationship managers results by the end of the month. 

(Secondary Duties- same as relationship managers):

  • Share free events and community resources w/mentors & families. 
  • Run/facilitate training 3-4 times a year. 
  • Maintain calendar of public events/connectedness with free community events and database of community resources.

Requirements of the Position:

  • Should be at least 18 years of age and live in Hoboken or the surrounding area.
  • Should be able to commit to the position and organization for 1 year or more.
  • Friendly and non-threatening.
  • Able to respond quickly to phone calls and emails (within 48 hours).
  • Good at troubleshooting and problem-solving in relationships.
  • Creative and resourceful to help mentors find free events. 
  • Not afraid of conflict, assertive, and able to remind people of their commitments respectfully. 
  • Able to develop and maintain supportive relationships with assigned mentors & their “families”. 
  • Able to use and/or learn SalesforceMailchimp, and SurveyMonkey

Growth in the Organization:

Increased match length, closeness, and satisfaction for all parties, improved communication between relationship managers, increased attendance at support events,and performing duties will indicate the volunteer's outstanding abilities and thus he/she may be given more responsibilities and a suitable position depending on organizations needs and desire of volunteer.

  •   0 Hours Per Shift