Ministers as Entrepreneurs Fact Sheet


Ministers as Entrepreneurs Fact Sheet

Event description

Course Need: When clergy and lay leaders are called to specialized ministries they may need to monetize a startup ministry or monetize a new aspect of an existing ministry.

Numerous discussions with clergy, lay leaders, members of the community and faith based organizations identified the need for a course that encourages ministers to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurial ministers are only limited by their creativity so should be encouraged to pursue whatever godly vision The Lord drops in their spirit.

Course Objective/Purpose: The purpose of this course is to provide participants with an opportunity to explore various entrepreneurial endeavors.  It’s only as entrepreneurs that ministers (1) have no ceiling on their income (2) are able to establish their own schedules (3) can serve as a model for others in ministry or in the community.  Participants will then consider how an entrepreneurial venture will fit into the structure of their respective (or proposed) ministries.  

Event logistics

  • Participants can register the course at any time throughout the year.
  • Pay $400.00 registration fee for the course from this page.  
  • A Multitude Experience Administrator is in communication with participants throughout the course for questions and support.  Skype, email and telephone contact information provided after registration.
  • The recommended time limit for completing the course is 4 – 6 weeks. 
  • Access reading materials from Ministers as Entrepreneurs section of website homepage.  Click Certificate in Ministry Electives section.

Learning outcomes
  • Conduct interview and write bio on entrepreneurial minister.
  • Develop vision statement. 
  • Develop SMART goals.

  • Rubrics.
  • Thank you note.
  • Skype Discussions. 

Learning methodology
  • Interview.
  • Written work.
  • Discussions via Skype.

CEUs to be awarded
  • .1
Advanced Studies opportunity
  • Request a consultation with a Multitude Experience Administrator regarding completing  the God’s Entrepreneurs course



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