Jeff Denson Electro-Acoustic Quartet - 3/16 at CMC


Jeff Denson Electro-Acoustic Quartet


Date: Friday, 03/16/2018

Time: 8:00PM PST

Venue Name: Community Music Center

Address: 544 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Jeff Denson leads on double and electric basses with vocals, accompanied by Lyle Link on tenor and soprano saxes, Dahveed Behrhoozi on piano, and Alan Hall, drumset.

Denson’s music pushes through the boundaries of conventions in music by inventively mixing the world of composed and improvised music for this unique combination of instruments. Yet it remains steeped in the jazz tradition where the propulsive rhythms are the heartbeat of the music and the musicians are master improvisers of harmonic structures, song forms, and melodic invention. Denson's intoxicating melodies and rhythms transport the listener away to unknown lands where vivid hues of tone paint the aural canvas of the inner ear.



Ending 03-16-2018 @ 12 am EST


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