Healing Conversations/Survivors of Trauma


Healing Conversations For Friends & Family


Date: Saturday, 10/27/2018

Time: 9:30AM to 12:00PM EST

Venue Name: Capital Baptist Church

Address: 3504 Gallows Road
Annandale, VA 94111

The first step in having a healing conversation with a friend or loved one who has experienced any kind of trauma is to understand how the trauma has impacted the brain and nervous system. R1:99 will be offering a number of short workshops to help you unpack the complexity of trauma and how to relate to your friend/loved one in a healthy more supportive way. In this workshop you will learn:

The neurobiology of Trauma:

• Why trauma controls lives

• How trauma lives inside the brain • Hormonal responses of trauma

• Protective responses in the face of trauma (fight, flight, or freeze)

• The healing capacity of integration (specific ways to heal)

• Epigenetics- how genes get turned off and on with trauma

This is an interactive workshop. This means that learning will take place in small groups that will give you time to process and share your own experiences with your friends/family if you choose to do so.


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Ending 10-27-2018 @ 10 am EST

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