About Name a Good Dog! Pup Contest

Participate in Autism Awareness Month by entering our Name a Good Dog Pup contest!! Make a donation to enter a name suggestion, if your name gets the most likes on our FaceBook page we will give Pink Puppy YOUR name. By doing so you help support a child and family living with autism receive an autism service dog. 

Make your donation by April 23rd, then on April 24th look for your name suggestion on the Good Dog! Autism Companions FaceBook page to vote! The nickname with the most LIKES on April 30th at 11:59pm WINS! Thanks for your support!

*Once the Good Dog is placed with a family, they get to the option to choose the forever name for their dog once matched (approx. age 12-14 months of age) but all dogs in-training need nicknames -- this is your chance to NICKNAME A PUP! Many families choose to keep their nicknames forever, so think of a good one!

Good Dog! Autism Companions

Welcome to Good Dog! Autism Companions. Our organization is the natural result of a magical journey we are taking through autism. Like so many families with ASD children, we have explored numerous therapies and modalities in our attempt to find just the right combination to unlock and unleash the beauty living within our son. It is with great joy and pride that we now get to share our amazing experience and–along with the help of our professional partners–the expertise in autism companion dog ownership. After all, who wouldn’t want to follow a role model for being alive!