About Capital Campaign for Nationwide Expansion

At ChickTech, we look for the girls who need us the most. Girls who have been discouraged from pursuing their talents and interest in technology because of stereotypes, lack of resources, and other social barriers. We believe it's important, relevant work to build an organization that focuses on creating opportunities for these girls to reach their full, unique potential.

ChickTech: High School, our signature program, is currently either operating or being developed in 10 cities across the country. And yet it's not enough. We constantly hear from people in a diversity of communities - big cities, small towns, and rural locations - that there are more girls who need us. That they would love a ChickTech chapter in their community.

We are currently pursuing further conversations to start chapters in Washington DC, Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. As a grassroots organization, our operational model is to build a strong team of volunteer leaders in these locations who can implement ChickTech: High School, in addition to other powerful programs should they have the capacity.

If this is an issue that's close to your heart or you feel, like me, that it's important and relevant, support our campaign for expansion. 


ChickTech is dedicated to retaining women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of women and girls pursuing technology-based careers.