About Camp of Champions

Founded by Chris Canty in 2007, the Chris Canty Camp of Champions is a program committed to elevating the quality of football skills for 3rd to 8th graders. This initiative is a non-contact camp designed to improve a child’s beginning, intermediate, or advanced skill level in football. Fundamentals of all positions on offense, defense, and special teams are taught in addition to life skills, such as: teamwork, communication, sportsmanship, and the importance of receiving a quality education.

More than just about football, this program inspires youth to channel and release their inner champion.By incorporating fun activities into the program, we are able to appropriately channel the competitive nature in participants and expose them to the rewards of winning. The program also encourages participants to include healthy habits in their lifestyles through the inclusion of exercise and healthy snack options during the camp.

Chris Canty Foundation

The Chris Canty Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the total development of youth in our communities. Our goal is to utilize the platform of sports to affect positive change in the lives of children through mentoring, educational programs, health and fitness activities thus promoting health and well being. We seek to inspire our youth to be in service to our communities and our communities to be in service to our youth by providing support to these initiatives.