About Training Sponsorship Campaign

This year, help share the opportunity to learn grassroots campaigning and receive an exclusive thank you gift from Mass Alliance! 

Each year, many grassroots activists and organizers apply to our campaign trainings but are unable to attend because of cost. This year, we are offering a special chance for you to help share the opportunity to learn campaign skills and build the progressive movement even stronger. You can sponsor someone to attend a grassroots campaign training today! 

Full sponsorship of one person to attend a Grassroots Campaign Training: $90

Premium sponsorship of two people to attend a training: $180

Budget sponsorship: half the cost for one person to attend a training: $45

Celebrate building our progressive movement and help us get ready for this important year of elections, by supporting someone to attend our training who otherwise would not be able to! You are making the difference for the progressive movement. Thank you for all that you do to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to access grassroots campaign skills trainings in Massachusetts!

As a special thank you, we will send you a link to download this limited edition artwork, a print of Rep Ayanna Pressley, by Emma Pears! In your confirmation receipt is the link and the password to download your copy.