Cannabis Justice Accelerator 2022

The Cannabis Justice Accelerator (CJA) is an opportunity for cannabis industry professionals and activists to learn about the history of the drug war; analyze current consequences of enforcement; develop policy solutions to reverse the impacts, and create strategies to build a campaign and movement.

The accelerator is interactive, participants will be required to participate in group discussions and exercises during each weekly session. A laptop or computer will be helpful but not required. Sessions will be held digitally.

Questions about the accelerator can be directed to [email protected]


There will be 16 (2) hour weekly sessions held every Tuesday beginning Tuesday, 07/19/2022 through Tuesday, 11/01/2022 from 6p - 8p EST.

Please Note:

Because this course relies on peer learning, participation is crucial to creating an effective learning environment. Participants must make one of the first two sessions and cannot miss more than two of the first module. More than three sessions will result in removal from the cohort.

Tickets are on a scale. Please select a ticket based on your financial capacity. As a community organization we have a commitment to providing accessible educational programs, there are a limited amount of FREE tickets available. In order to provide FREE tickets and provide honorariums to the accelerator's guest speakers, we use the scaled payment method. Syllabus and Zoom link will be emailed by Friday, July 15.

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