Trauma-Informed, Brain-Sensitive Yoga for Nurses

    24 Lessons in Mindfulness, Yoga, Trauma-Sensitivity, and Interpersonal Neurobiology
    10 In-Depth Practicum Sessions


As with all of our programs at the DAYA Foundation, we prioritize accessibility AND we appreciate students responsibly choosing the level of their own contribution for the investment in this course. These programs support our Prison Yoga Outreach Programs. Your contributions matter in the lives of whom we serve; and who become change agents within their communities too. 

Sustainer: Your investment contribution helps us to sustain our mission and vision and to provide Prison Yoga Outreach to Oregon's prisons as well as to provide our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program inside those institutions. 

Reciprocity: Your investment contribution helps us to offer scholarships to students who are strong candidates for this training but who do not have the financial means to invest in it. These students have commitment to service to the greater good. 

Mutuality: Your investment contribution helps us to provide adaptive, medically-sensitive yoga classes to students facing life-challenging and life-changing medical conditions. 

Accessibility: We are honored to support you to attend this training and to utilize the skills gained in the service work you intend to do.

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