Combine Karaoke!

by Alysa Leier




You might not know it, but it’s been 13 years since I last sang karaoke! It was the one and only time I sang a solo publicly, and I’m definitely no Carrie Underwood (even though “Before He Cheats” is the song I sang). Don’t get me wrong, I give a mean concert while I’m hauling anhydrous or rolling bean ground, it’s just that it’s a private concert, by invitation only. So here’s your opportunity to get yourself invited to my mediocre concert, this time in the cab of a combine!

Ag education is so very important to me, and to the state of North Dakota. I would be so honored if you’d donate to the NDFB Foundation on my behalf, and if those donations reach $750 I’ll sing you a song during soybean harvest. 

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful way to help your favorite cause, and we hope you see the value in the NDFB Foundation's work. We want to make this fun and entertaining for everyone. Think about what kind of "challenge" your friends and neighbors would pay to see or hear! (Only legal challenges, please, and nothing dangerous!) Or do you want to form a team and challenge another group to raise more money for the Foundation? 

Set a goal, a time frame in which to run your campaign, and then share your "challenge" with the people you know through emails, on social media, or even print out with links to your page.

The NDFB Foundation helps fund so many great learning experiences about agriculture, and we'd love to have you help with our efforts to keep these programs funded. Become an NDFB Foundation fundraiser today!

How would you like to support?