We Keep Beginning: an anthology on process

We asked 26 writers and artists across 10 issues and 5 years about the conditions they require in order create.

In typical, generous form, our contributors provided us with a sweeping range of answers that interrogate everything from the necessity of flawed characters to the longevity of an idea, offering a stunning chorus of voices all surrounding the art and craft of conversation. In this anthology, you'll find musings about the use of line breaks and white space in poetry, as well as thoughts on rough drafts, nostalgia, and motivation (or lack thereof). You'll read about heartache, legacy, and representation, and why it matters who our contributors are creating for. What unites them all is an indelible dedication to their craft, and to understanding the impact and the role of their words in the context of the worlds around them. This anthology, WE KEEP BEGINNING, pulls back the curtain on creativity, and shines a light on what it means to be an artist today, but more importantly, what makes these artists keep beginning.

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We Keep Beginning:


"Give any character time in the right doses and they can win the reader over." — Joan Li, Issue 7: In Opposition

"The night I write about was so unusual in me and my father's relationship. I was always afraid of sounding too sentimental; of making us sound less complex than we were. Then he died, and a few months later I found myself wanting to get down all the stories about us that I had felt were integral to our relationship. By the time I wrote this piece, I had been pre-writing it in my head for years, and thus managed to get most of the first draft down in one sitting." — Michelle Chikaonda, Issue 10: What We Lose.

"I wrote an essay about family member A and didn’t mention family member B, who was present but not the focus of the story. Person A loves it and is very touched. B is strangely distant and then erupts: 'Why didn’t you include me? I was there. I want to be a part of the piece. Ask the publisher if you can resubmit a new version with me in it.' I then wrote a play and included an experience that B told me, with names changed. B detonates: ‘I forbid you to write about me again!’" — Eve Lederman, Issue 3: Who Gets to Belong?

"How I overcame this specific obstacle was by alchemizing my rage and pain into the urgency to write this down, to tell people about it. To attempt to include one small correction against the tide of pieces in the media on the topic, pieces that have somehow diluted the vastness of this network of barely-dormant domestic terrorists and failed to situate them in a decades-long pattern of aggrieved men committing mass murder with misogynist motivations. Instead, each case was chalked up to a crazy lone wolf. I want to ask, how many lone wolves until it’s a pack?" — Sarah Madges, Issue 8: Power And.

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